Who: CEO Jack O’Holleran and CTO Stan Kladko, 33 employees, open source contributors, ambassadors, and community members

What: SKALE started as an Ethereum L2 scaling solution offering elastic sidechains, but evolved into an expandable multi-chain offering that has both L1 and L2 capabilities. SKALE chains can execute sub ½ second block times, run very high TPS per chain, run full-state smart contracts, support decentralized storage, execute Rollups, and machine learning in EVM. Open source project.


Where: San Francisco, California and Kharkiv, Ukraine

When: Founded 2018, Launch timeline: Testnet August 2019, Mainnet October 2020, Multi-chain April 2021

Why: CEO Jack was interested in starting a blockchain company, and investors introduced him to Stan and offered to fund any idea addressing the Ethereum scaling problem.

How: $22M in funding, 33 employees, and dozens of code contributors and ambassadors Consensys Codefi Activate TVL = $2.3B

Strengths: World class builders, strong backers, listed on 23 exchanges, strong community, allied with Ethereum

Weaknesses: Launched multi-chain April 2021 due to delays, now competing against multiple L2 offerings, some with a head start

Traction: 135 projects in the SKALE innovator program committed to using the SKALE multi-chain offering, across DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, including Minds,, Bondly, and CryptoCrusades.

Future Plans: Onboard SKALE innovators to multi-chain platform, build new features: onchain decentralized governance, greater configurations, verification and sequencing

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